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no woman was to go what’s going on guys today new game we’re checking out a game called SimCity build-it I believe it’s called a SimCity Sims mobile game I’ve never really played The Sims Alisha’s played it before you guys have told me I should check it out so today that’s what we’re gonna do I’ve never played people say it’s super addicting and I’ve had this game for a while but just never got on to playing it so we’re gonna try it live never touched it and you have no idea what I’m doing it should make for some pretty entertaining stuff so we’re kids I’m gonna get started so hello mayor I’m Eva your city advisor I’m here to help you get you started first we need to connect your new city to the main highway I can do that so don’t eros is easy just draw where you want it to go with your finger then tap the green checkmark and okey-dokey so I’m going to just build it there cool I like when they come what to do nice job we’re connected to the highway and now sim can get to your city all right yeah we’re gonna do this now what I do now that your little city is on the map we need housing for your cities growing population let’s go to house sims build houses in the residential zones you create place a residential zone next to a roads provide your sims a cozy place to call home all right so it’s just places they’re gonna be that way sure place the zone next to the road well that’s an idea so there you go so we’ll light a queen soon as we can those are the fastest little moving the guys I’ve ever seen the zone is ready for construction tap on the yellow hardhat to see what materials your sims will need to start building okay then we click on it do let me click on it click there we go um so we need 10 iron I guess what that is metal so we can just drag that it’s kind of like that a city mania game but way more like detailed looking I guess billion homes earns you samolians I skip the rest of that I couldn’t read it excellent work mayor just built your first neighborhood what we did it yeah yeah all right what we do now copy building materials is a big part of running the city let’s get started by constructing the building supply store to make some nails all right let’s make some nail that’s exciting yeah nails so let’s put the building supplies store your city just remember it needs me place next to a road well manually guys tell me we’ll put it right there that looks good to me well done now let’s make some nails tap the doting supply store all right so put that there I’m guessing make sense make sense okay we’re getting some nails soon there we go hey we got some nails let’s have them to collecting it it’s like that other game so it makes sense it’s a little more detailed nice work let’s use those nails to build more houses can do let’s build one we’re gonna have a bunch of neighbor that’s how we’re gonna start this we’re gonna put one there let’s go ahead we need to have him making more nails how’s that going I don’t think we can do any more I don’t think we do any more houses yet billion homes earns you samolians it brings you closer to your next level up Sims will move in as soon as construction is complete nice we have nine eleven that we just had one hundred two happens we’re at the other 1% go just hanging what does this mean it’s carrying the dart get your lights turned on please okay so we need power you’re seeing these power you can choose clean energy or inexpensive cold just be careful as Timmy population so much population can make your sim or pollution can make your sentence I’m happy can you afford this we can’t afford it so that’s good

BuildIt bee swarm simulator music is. 21 savage music ids for SimCity BuildIt online social hangout codes and memberships without having to buy it. Items with a family-friendly immersive 3d codes for bear face mask or goldlika.

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